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Understand Your Audience, Create content that resonates with them
This increases the chances of the blog post ranking higher in search engine results
Get insight from competitors, find new opportunities to rank higher in Google
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is a set of techniques and practices that aim to improve the visibility and ranking of a website or webpage in search engine results pages (SERPs). The ultimate goal of SEO strategy is to increase the organic traffic to a website or webpage by ranking higher in relevant search queries.

SEO strategy involves optimizing various elements of a website or webpage, including content, meta tags, images, and URLs. It also involves off-page optimization techniques, such as link building and social media marketing, to improve the website's authority and relevance.
The process of developing an SEO strategy
usually involves the following steps:
  • Keyword research
    identifying the keywords and phrases that are relevant to the website or webpage's content and target audience

  • On-page optimization
    optimizing the website's content, meta tags, images, and URLs using the identified keywords and phrases

  • Off-page optimization
    building links from other reputable websites and promoting the website on social media channels to increase its authority and relevance

  • Monitoring and analysis
    tracking the website's performance in search engine rankings and making adjustments to the SEO strategy as needed
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Keyword research is a critical component of content creation, particularly when writing blog posts. It helps companies understand their audience, optimize their content for search engines, improve organic traffic, and gain insight into competitors.