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How We Compare to the Competition
The content writing space is quite saturated.
How do you know who to work with?
We have created a comparison list so you
can make an informed decision.
+ Huge selection
+ Flexibility to hire a writer for what you need
- Finding a good writer is time-consuming
- Not all are native English speakers
+ Some freelancing rates are reasonable
+ Pay by project or time spent
- No full refunds
- If someone doesn’t work out, you’re at square one
+ Direct communication with writers
+ Potential to find the perfect writer
- Relying on a single writer creates risk – if your writer gets sick or is overloaded with work from other clients, you may have to push projects back
- No editors or layer of quality control
+ You have a writer on-hand for everything
+ They are familiar with your brand and vision
- Greater risk of writer burnout with one writer or a small in-house team
- Harder to pivot when writing becomes stale
- Will require a full-time or part-time workload to make the hire worthwhile
- Costs associated with recruitment, benefits, and ending employment add up
- Difficult to gauge value with a salary
- None included; you’ll have to hire editors and other in-house resources
+ Wide selection of writers
- Difficult to evaluate skill level from writer profiles
- You’ll likely have to sift through non-native English speakers
- Hard and time-consuming to find good writers
- Some rates are low, although this may result in hiring an inexperienced writer
- Monthly platform management fees and other costs can increase overall expenses
- May be limited to subscription service
- No editors
- No one is editing the copy, which leaves you with the extra work
- No one is managing the projects to ensure they are completed on time and to standard
+ Vetted native English speakers only
+ Large pool of writers with expertise in 80+ areas
+ Option to choose different skill levels
+ We can save you time and match a writer for your project
+ No extra fees or termination costs
+ Cheaper than In-house Copywriters
+ Freedom to order subscription services or content on demand
- Can be a little more expensive than working directly with freelancers
+ Editing included on all projects
+ Free stock images
+ 100% money-back guarantee
+ Projects checked for originality with Copyscape
+ Additional services offered: topic ideas, keyword research, and proofreading
+ Easy scaling: order one project or hundreds – we can do it all with a short turnaround